About Springtide Research Institute

Springtide Research Institute engages the power of social science to learn from and about young people ages 13 to 25. As a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, we deliver accessible research on the perspectives and experiences of the newest generations. Our empirical data amplify the voices of young people, inform those who know and serve them, and lead the way in showing what’s next.

We research young people to know them better.

We listen intently to the ways young people themselves articulate their identities, experiences, and sense of meaning, connection, and purpose. We prioritize excellence and integrity in empirical data collection.

We share what we learn.

Serving young people starts with knowing who and where they are. We make our findings accessible so that others—from educators to faith leaders to parents to policymakers—can take their own next steps, backed by social science.

We track generational trends to understand what’s next.

Our core focus on young people ages 13 to 25 lets us preview the early edges of social trends that will impact our shared world for generations to come. We pay attention to changing landscapes of meaning, identity, and community. 

We are listening to learning from leading for young people.


Springtide Research Institute was founded in 2019 under the leadership of John Vitek, then CEO of Lasallian Educational and Research Initiatives (LERI). LERI is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) member organization in the State of Minnesota, whose publishing roots date back to 1943. LERI is an expression of the Christian Brothers of De La Salle or the Lasallians, a Catholic lay religious congregation founded by Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the patron saint of teachers and a fierce advocate of the young. Our work draws inspiration from De La Salle’s passion for building communities oriented toward the good of young people, especially those on the margins. 


Springtide Research Institute harnesses socialscientific methods to learn from and about young people ages 13 to 25. Our roots ground us in a centuries-old Lasallian tradition of service to young people, especially those on the margins. With a core focus on religion, meaning-making, and all aspects of young people’s well-being, Springtide exists to amplify the voices of emerging 
generations and to provide relevant socialscientific data to those who know and serve them.
We uphold a commitment to integrity in our research, respect for the dignity of all young people, and conversation and collaboration in support of safe environments where younger generations can thrive.


The work of Springtide Research Institute is supported through a combination of grants, donations, and the sale of custom research, reports, and other products. 


Springtide brings together three distinct, collaborative groups: our staff, our Research Advisory Board, and our Springtide Ambassadors Program. Our staff includes professionals with expertise in research, marketing, design, management, and community engagement. The Research Advisory Board features expert thinkers and practitioners whose insights help shape our studies. Springtide Ambassadors are young people ages 13 to 25 whose perspectives inform what we ask, what we learn, and how we share our findings with broad audiences. 

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