Research Advisory Board

Our research advisors’ insights inform research design, data gathering, and reporting of our findings. The collective wisdom and range of perspectives from research advisory board members helps us to recognize young people as individuals as well as existing within generational and national trends. This board seeks to ensure our applied research is deeply authentic and highly actionable.

Fall 2021: Our fully vaccinated Research Advisory Board gathered with members of our staff in Denver, CO. From L to R: Seher Siddiqee, Abigail Visco Rusert, Araceli Calderón de Weis, Josh Packard, Casper ter Kuile, Chris Stedman (on screen), Nima Dahir, Kenji Kuramitsu, Ernest Miller, Marte Aboagye, Onnie Rogers, & Sarah Kapostasy. Not pictured: Andrew Zirschky and Elan Babchuck.