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Gen Z is the most diverse generation that has ever existed, and they expect more from your organization. Springtide has the data and understanding to equip you with the insights  you need to help this emerging generation flourish.

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Visit our research page to see our latest reports. Each one includes frameworks and actionable insights to empower leaders, organizations, and trusted adults to have an impact in the lives of young people. Our research expertise includes:

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Business & Organizational Leaders

Gen Z expects more from workplaces than any other generation. It is increasingly the site of meaning making in their lives. Employers, mentors, and guides must understand this trend and the values Gen Z cares most about in order to engage and support this emerging generation.

The single most important thing to understand about Gen Z is the ongoing decline of trust for institutions. This social trend has massive consequences for organizations of all kinds. Isolation and loneliness are at epidemic levels for our youngest generation and require business leaders to think about engagement through a lens of belonging to help Gen-Z flourish and thrive.

Faith Leaders

New research data shows how the religious landscape has shifted in America over the last 50 years, ushering in an era of massive mistrust and institutional disaffiliation across all sectors. The solution is to create cultures of belonging. 

The future of the church lies with young people.  This presentation relies on data from Springtide Research Institute’s annual State of Religion and Young People study to explain how we need to rethink everything when it comes to the ways we engage with the most diverse generation in history. 

For many young people, there is no normal to return to after the pandemic.  Their entire lives have changed.  Our pandemic research focused on what young people are experiencing, how they view the future and, most importantly, what you can do to support them. 

Talk Topics

Josh can customize a talk for any audience and format. From keynotes to breakouts, in person or virtual, all his programs are based on Springtide’s data and his decades of expertise as a sociologist. Below are some of the most requested presentations: