Amplifying the voices of young people

And accompanying the adults who care about them

At Springtide, we’re not just amplifying the lived experiences and hearts of young people but also providing a pathway of accompaniment for those trusted adults who care about them. We’re actively creating spaces and places for the voices of young people and trusted adults alike to learn, grow, and be encouraged in community with one another. 


The Voices of Young People Podcast

As sociologists and researchers, we see a new story unfolding for young people: one that requires careful attention to the inner and outer lives of an emerging generation.  In each episode, young people respond to our research and share about the issues impacting their lives. Get insights directly from the source: young people, in their own voices. 


Springtide Ambassadors Program

Springtide Ambassadors Program (SAP), open to 13-to-25-year-olds, offers youth and young adults the opportunity to create and curate original content for our podcast and social media, and to actively contribute to national research projects and publications with their insights, perspectives, and experiences. Through group collaboration and personal reflection, members have a 15-month commitment with a steady, online cohort.


Get the latest insights on our blog.

Written by young people, experts in the field, and Springtide staff, we offer fresh insights into the critical issues facing young people today, contextualizing our research with current events.

Engaging adults who care

The Tide: Springtide Community Group

Learn from other adults who are serving young people at the cutting edge of faith and culture across all religious traditions. Get exclusive access to insights, conversations, and resources. Sign up and be one of the first people in our private group, launching in Fall 2021. 


Writer-In-Residence Program

The Springtide Writer in Residence is a funded, 9-month appointment designed to nurture and encourage aspiring writers through one-on-one mentoring, workshopping, and feedback, prompts and assignments, and opportunities for skill-building, bylines, networking, and hands-on experience in publishing and production.  

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