Dr. Hannah Evans


Dr. Hannah Evans (she/her), Research Associate & National Speaker

Dr. Hannah Evans is a sociologist who specializes in how racial and cultural socialization shape religiosity in adolescence and emerging adulthood. Prior to joining Springtide, Hannah earned her PhD in Sociology from Baylor University and served as a postdoctoral fellow with the Hartford Institute for Religion Research. She also spent over a decade working with teens and college students, both inside and outside the classroom. 

Hannah describes her central life mission as leaving her communities, both professionally and personally, better off than they were when she found them. “I want to be a part of the work of helping each other individually and collectively thrive. When we develop structures that allow the most marginalized among us to thrive, we all thrive.” 

Describing her involvement with Springtide, Hannah says: “Teens and young adults deserve a platform and the opportunity to write their own narrative about who they are and what they value, and I want to be a part of centering their voices and empowering them to tell their stories. In a society that is filled with fear-mongering about ‘the next generation,’ I love that Springtide is telling a compassionate story about young people and what they have to teach us adults about being human and being in relationship with one another.” 

Hannah lives in Indianapolis with her spouse, Logan, and their daughter, Mia. Outside of work, Hannah reads lots of fiction, spends time with her family, and goes to her dance class!  

Photo by Deja Hodges Photography.

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