Dr. Jaclyn Doherty


Dr. Jaclyn Doherty (she/her), Research Associate

Dr. Doherty earned her PhD in psychology from City University of New York’s Graduate Center, CUNY, where her academic research centered around religious/spiritual identity in social spaces. She studied relationship maintenance between people who are religiously different, communication about religious and spiritual experiences, Christian identity in scientific settings, and how these processes affect personal and relational well-being.  

Describing her involvement with Springtide, Jaclyn says: “I look forward to conducting research and creating resources to bridge generational gaps and to encourage empathy for young people. I am excited to use my background in social science research to benefit people’s lives and relationships in more direct/actionable ways.” 

When she’s not working, she can be found spending time with her partner and her cockatiel, knitting, or singing in her community’s choir. 

Photo by Deja Hodges Photography.

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