Dr. Melinda Denton


Dr. Melinda Denton (she/her), Research Advisory Board

Dr. Melinda Denton is a professor of sociology at the University of Texas at San Antonio, where she examines the intersection of religion and family life in the United States, with a focus on adolescents and emerging adults. She also studies socioeconomic inequality and its impact on families, specifically among low-income families in San Antonio. Melinda served as a co-investigator on the National Study of Youth and Religion, a longitudinal study of the religious and spiritual lives of adolescents and young adults. She also serves as principal investigator for the San Antonio GOALS (Generating Opportunities for Achieving Lasting Success) Initiative. GOALS is a four-arm randomized control trial designed to study the impact of cash assistance and other support services among low-income families. 

Melinda lives with her two sons, Lukas and Everett. In her spare time, she is an active member of two book clubs and enjoys trail walking/hiking around San Antonio. 

“I hope that through research and community work, my contributions give voice to the marginalized and help make the world more just and equitable,” Melinda says. “Research is most valuable when it can be applied to help improve people’s lives. I appreciate that Springtide is committed to the next generation and making their research relevant, accessible, and applicable for a wide audience.” 

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