Dr. Onnie Rogers


Dr. Onnie Rogers (she/her), Research Advisory Board

Onnie is a developmental psychologist and an assistant professor of psychology and education at Northwestern University. At Northwestern, Onnie teaches courses on social and emotional development and understanding research through a lens of equity and justice. She also conducts research on youth identity development with a focus on the ways young people make sense of and resist social inequalities and stereotypes related to race, gender, and social class. Additionally, Onnie directs the Development of Identities in Cultural Environments (DICE) research lab, where she mentors undergraduate and graduate students in research.

Married during college, Onnie and her husband have 17 years of partnership and two young girls. Onnie says her enjoyments include “chocolate, yoga, and wine!”

“I grew up in the church and in a Christian family. My faith has always been integral to my life,” says Onnie, “and I’m finding that my research on youth identity development positions me to explore faith in new ways. I also find that my research focus on social justice and equity raises important questions for faith and faith-based institutions to engage toward building a more just and human world.”

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