Marcie Alvis-Walker


Marcie Alvis-Walker (she/her), Research Advisory Board 

Marcie Alvis-Walker is a writer and the creator of the blog and Instagram feed, Black Coffee with White Friends and the author of Everybody Come Alive: A Memoir in Essays.

Her goal in life is “to be the voice of my unheard ancestors by creating a written archive of the Black stories for my child and for future generations of children.”

She lives in Chicago, Illinois with her husband, college-aged kid, and their dog Evie. She spends her time there buying too many – yet not enough books, bingeing too many – yet not enough reality TV, writing too many – yet not enough words.

Thinking of her work with Springtide, Marcie is “excited to be invited into this kind of caretaking and legacy-building for the next generation.”

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