Casper ter Kuile


Casper ter Kuile (he/him/his), Research Advisory Board

Casper describes his life’s mission as “helping to build a world of joyful belonging. I spend my time thinking about how to design for social connection and spiritual meaning-making.”

The cofounder of research and design consultancy Sacred Design Lab and the coauthor of the seminal paper How We Gather, Casper is also the cohost of Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast and author of The Power of Ritual: Turning Everyday Activities into Soulful Practices (HarperOne.)

Casper lives with his husband Sean Lair in Brooklyn, NY, and loves both Eurovision and Leeds United in equal measure.

Casper is a member of Springtide’s research advisory board because he is passionate about understanding and influencing how young people make meaning and find connection in the 21st century.
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