Sigrid Lindholm


Sigrid Lindholm (she/her), Head of Marketing

Sigrid has spent much of her career at national retailers, in art and creative direction on a variety of media, always focused on helping design beautiful things that drive a clear message. She says the best aspect of her creative work “is the opportunity to collaborate with folks to bring about a lovely end result.”​

That desire to collaborate extends well beyond work for Sigrid. “My mission in life is to help turn hearts toward loving mercy, acting justly, and walking in humility with each other, and to help people know they are loved and worthy of love.” 

Her outside activities include serving as a board member at Friends of the Farm, a local organization that celebrates agricultural life and connects farming history to todaysustainability efforts through programming for all ages. In her “free” time, Sigrid enjoys reading cookbooks and “making dishes for my daughters to reject, leaving my husband and me the leftovers.” She also enjoys quilting, gardening, and anything outdoors.  

She explains her involvement with Springtide this way: “Young people have wants and needs, just like all of us. The idea that Springtide seeks to amplify their voices while at the same time connecting people to what their needs and wants are is so necessary in today’s polarized world. When we begin with deep listening, our hearts will be changed.” 

Photo by Deja Hodges Photography.

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