Memo About Springtide’s Research Focus in 2024 

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With a core focus on religion, meaning-making, and all aspects of young people’s well-being, Springtide Research Institute amplifies the voices of the youngest generations and provides social-scientific data to those who know and serve them. Learning what young people think and do today hints at what’s to come tomorrow. 

Each year, Springtide chooses a focus area to see how it connects to the religious and spiritual lives of young people ages 13 to 25. 

In 2024, we turn to politics. 

As a presidential election year captures headlines, Springtide enters the arena in a quieter and more personal way: by inviting young people to tell us, confidentially, what matters to them, how, and why. We’re asking young Americans what they hope or fear about the direction of our country. What conversations they have (or don’t have) about politics with adults and peers. What it takes to feel heard. And more. 

The principles of social science guide our work. The perspectives of young people—not partisanship or assumptions—drive our findings. We’ll survey 7,000 US residents ages 13 to 25 and conduct nearly 100 in-depth interviews. Our mix of methods lets us identify patterns, see differences, and hear stories about what “politics” means and looks like in real life. 

Young people are a growing part of the electorate. We want the data we share about their views to encourage dialogue and check assumptions. We want to add young people’s voices to decision-making. Learning from young Americans through social science helps all ages better understand how religion and politics intersect. 

In 2024 and beyond, Springtide will continue to deliver data-driven snapshots of current realities and the background needed to imagine future possibilities. We’ll host data-informed dialogue and share surprising new insights. We remain committed to helping young people grow and thrive. 

Accompany us on this journey to listen, learn, and talk through what matters to and for young people today.

Picture of Tricia C. Bruce, PhD 

Tricia C. Bruce, PhD 

Director, Springtide Research Institute

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