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Springtide is dedicated to listening to the voices of young people. We do this through our quantitative and qualitative data; we do this by tuning into the trends and movements in the wider sociological landscape, and we do this in a particularly literal sense with our Voices of Young People Podcast. 

Have you had a chance to listen?  

We recently wrapped up our first season of episodes, all of which focused on different salient data points that emerged from our inaugural report, Belonging: Reconnecting America’s Loneliest Generation.  

We’re still young. We’re still learning things. And in that time of learning and maturity, we could lose a lot of people.

Cyrus, age 15, on peer relationships and drama (Episode 1)

Peers are great when you need someone to talk to, but sometimes you need guidance, and sometimes it’s guidance that other young people don’t have.

Jana, age 21, on trusted adults (Episode 2 & 5)

In these seven episodes, we speak with young people ages 13–25 about isolation and reconnection, meaningful relationships, the importance of listening, inclusion, and intentionality, and the desire for depth in relationships and conversations. 

Just being interested in what I have to say and who I am and what I do. . . . I think that’s a really big form of respecting me.

 Christian, age 14, on how to show care (Episode 3)

There’s a lack of humility in institutions that I don’t really like.

Emilie, age 26, on trust in institutions (Episode 4 & 7)

These themes emerged as all-important from our study on loneliness and isolation among young people. What we learned in that report—and what’s confirmed in this season of the Voices of Young People Podcast—is the impact trusted adults can have for mitigating loneliness in young people.  

The next season of the Voices of Young People Podcast will focus on conversations with young people around the eight values highlighted in Meaning Making: 8 Values That Drive America’s Newest Generations, which is available for preorder now and will be published next month. Bookmark this page to hear what young people think about the importance of being accountable, inclusive, authentic, welcoming, impactful, relational, growthful, and meaningful.  

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