Mental Health Awareness Month: Recap and Resources 

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This Mental Health Awareness Month, we focused on the mental health of Latina/o young people. Guided by our BIPOC research fellow, Dr. Kitzia Moreno-Garza, and our Senior Research Associate, Dr. Nabil Tueme, Springtide offered a series of posts, events, and offerings designed to highlight the cultural experiences of Latino/a young people as they navigate mental health and wellness.  

Check out all the great insights and conversations from the month!

Stigma and Latina/o Mental Health: Barriers to Care 

Dr. Moreno-Garza is a clinical psychologist who focuses on children and adolescents and who specializes in how mental health intersects with cultural phenomena, including religion. In this blog post, she shares her experiences of researching and working with Latina/o young people and the stigma that surrounds mental health. Read more.

Talking to Latiné Young People about Mental Health

In this blog post, Dr. Moreno-Garza offers practical steps adults can take to begin having culturally responsive and sustaining conversations about mental health with Latina/o young people. Read more.

Mental Health, Religion & Culture: The Lived Experiences of Latina/o Youth

Dr. Moreno-Garza talks with members of our Springtide Ambassadors Program (SAP) about their lived experiences related to mental health, religion, and Latinidad. This conversation features Christian, age 25, Ivan, age 23 (former intern), Lupita, age 17, and Mirelia, age 16. Read more.

Spiritually and Culturally Informed Mental Health Care for Latina/o Young People 

Dr. Moreno-Garza talks with Rev. Dr. Lisa Fortuna, Episcopal priest and child and adolescent psychiatrist about the ways spirituality, culture, and mental health intersect for Latina/o young people. Dr. Fortuna is a Latina bicultural, bilingual psychiatrist triple board certified in general psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, and addiction medicine as well as an Episcopal priest with experience serving Latino congregations and youth groups. This conversation was offered in tandem with MTV’s Mental Health Action Day.

Supporting the Mental Health of Latina/o Youth

Dr. Moreno-Garza spoke with Leslie Priscilla, founder of @latinxparenting, and Adriana Alejandre, founder of @latinxtherapy to discuss various mental health impacts specific to Latina/o youth. Together, they shared how to support the youth and young adults in your communities and offered ways that parents, teachers, therapists, and more can become trusted adults in the lives of Latina/o young people.

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