Affirming. Transformative. Impactful. 

The Springtide BIPOC Fellowship  

The Springtide BIPOC Research Fellow helps shape and impact the lives of young people, and the trusted adults in their lives, for the better. Check out some of our latest research and projects on diversity.

With access to our expansive, nationally representative data sets on the inner and outer lives of young people ages 13 to 25, a BIPOC Fellow may analyze data (new or existing) and develop new projects or products for Springtide. Sharing these findings with practitioners in a variety of methods is integral to this role and will shape how trusted adults invest in the lives of young people across the nation. Learn more and apply today.

Testimonials from past Fellows
Picture of Dr. Nabil Tueme

Dr. Nabil Tueme

BIPOC Fellow 2021–2022

My year as a Springtide BIPOC Research Fellow was both productive and formative. While at Springtide, I had the opportunity to talk to Hispanic and Latino teens and young adults across the United States in order to better understand one of the youngest and fastest-growing populations in the country.  

Combined with Springtide’s nationally representative survey data, these conversations with young people informed my research project on the cultural bounds of belonging, which expanded on the important 2020 Springtide report Belonging: Reconnecting America’s Loneliest Generation by examining how the process of belonging varies across and within minoritized groups.  

With the support of Springtide, I was able to make this research publicly available via a special season of The Voices of Young People Podcast: Season 6: Latinx Voices and through several presentations for academic scholars, faith leaders, and Hispanic-serving institutes of higher education.  

I’d be remiss not to mention the intellectually stimulating, creative, and collegial environment at Springtide—a place where I myself found community, meaning, belonging, and purpose during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you, Springtide!

Picture of Cassandra Ogbevire

Cassandra Ogbevire

BIPOC Fellow 2022–2023

Being a Springtide BIPOC Fellow has been an affirming and transformative experience. Before joining Springtide as a BIPOC Fellow, I had spent my educational and professional career investigating factors that influenced young BIPOC’s holistic development in different contexts, which ranged from education to behavioral health and, more recently, youth ministry.  

As a Springtide BIPOC Research Fellow, I was given the creative freedom, resources, and tools to explore how these different aspects of youth development intersect.  

I contributed to the research study Navigating Injustice: A Closer Look at Race, Faith, and Mental Health, having intimate conversations with young BIPOC and learning firsthand how their faith has impacted their mental health as they have navigated increasing racial turmoil.  

Unlike other research fellowships, my fellowship with Springtide taught me how to transform data into different mediums (e.g., IG lives, blogs, op-eds) to make it accessible to the general public and to those who are committed to supporting young BIPOC’s holistic development.   

As I finish my year as a Springtide BIPOC Fellow, I have gained more insight into how to do impactful work to support BIPOC youth in the next stage of my career. I am forever grateful for this life-changing opportunity! 

Fellowship Funding  

Our diversity research is made possible in part by our yearly Springtide BIPOC Fellowship and is funded by philanthropic partners who care. This financial support enables us to bring our important research to life. Funding for the 2023–2024 fellowship has been provided by the Vision Fund of Lasallian Educational and Research Initiatives.