The State of Gen Z: On-Demand Presentation

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Get the 75-minute keynote presentation packed with everything you need to know about Gen Z.

You’ll learn who Gen Z is, discover their religious and spiritual impulses and mental-health experiences, and see how identity formation around race and religion are intertwined, as you hear from Springtide researchers, writers, and young people themselves. The State of Gen Z will be useful at your next retreat, small-group gathering, or staff training.

Your purchase includes:

  • 365-day access to our 75-minute keynote presentation video
  • a 15-page, downloadable discussion guide
  • full keynote slides, with room for note-taking

This training will empower you and your team to implement simple, effective ways to demonstrate your care for Gen Z and provide vital support for their overall flourishing.

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Learn everything you need to know about Gen Z in this packed 75-minute on-demand presentation.

Bring Springtide’s team of experts to your next retreat, small-group meeting, or staff gathering. Years of expertise and thousands of hours of research are broken down, explained, and connected in a nuanced, meaningful way in our brand-new virtual keynote presentation.

We distilled our nationally representative data on Gen Z into the most actionable, accessible insights, to uncover how you can meet young people where they are, understand what they need, and walk with them towards flourishing.

Your 365-day access to this rich training includes the full keynote presentation, along with a downloadable discussion guide and slides to share with your team.

 The keynote presentation is broken down into three key chapters:

  • A Profile of Gen Z
  • The Religious and Spiritual Lives of Gen Z
  • Gen Z’s Mental Health

This presentation is built to inspire you and your team to more fully accompany and support Gen Z while gaining a deeper understanding of what makes them distinct.

You’ll explore Springtide research and frameworks covering Gen Z’s inner and outer lives, including the need for Relational Authority, how Gen Z’s religious/spiritual lives relate to their mental health, and a deep dive into the Belongingness Process to help the young people you serve feel noticed, named, and known.

Analyze the research with your colleagues by working through reflective, meaningful questions in the included downloadable discussion guide and presentation slides. Uncover the ways your organization can better serve young people by building trust, creating belonging, and focusing on research-proven ways to improve young people’s well-being.

You and your organization will be empowered to implement simple, effective ways to demonstrate your care for Gen Z and provide vital support for their overall flourishing.

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