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Springtide is officially one year into its journey to learn what’s working for Gen Z.  

Supported by a $1.25 million grant from Lilly Foundation, our research team has been connecting with organizations across the country to understand what is engaging Gen Z in America’s new religious and spiritual landscape. Early in 2023, we asked expert practitioners from notable faith-based groups to have their organizations participate in a survey about their experiences serving young people. More than 1,200 young people and 1,600 adults who are involved in youth ministry responded! Some of those adults also participated in focus groups to share more about their experiences. Last fall, we brought those practitioners together to understand more about what’s working in their organizations and to share their wisdom with one another. At that gathering, Dr. Hannah Evans presented the results of the survey, which offered some eye-opening findings on what it means to be effective in Christian youth ministry today. 

Watch the trailer below and learn how you can access these new findings to support your outreach with young people!

Better understand the gap between how young people understand themselves and how adults understand them in our new video, Going Beyond Pizza & Dodgeball: What Works in Youth Ministry. In the full 35-minute video, we share new insights pulled from the survey responses of 1,200 young participants in Christian organizations, and from focus group and survey inputs from over 1,600 adults who work in Christian youth ministry.

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