How to Coach Young Professionals?

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Springtide Research Institute was recently featured by International Coach Academy in a research paper by Bastian Harth. You can see an excerpt of this article in part below, but we encourage you to visit their site to read the piece in its entirety.

In an expansive survey of 6,900 members of Generation Z, the Springtide Research Institute (2022) found that a whopping 86% are in favor of their boss or supervisor providing them with ample opportunities to grow professionally. This is so crucial to young professionals that one-third would even be willing to accept smaller pay rises if it enabled them to learn new skills and decide their own path for growth (Springtide Research Institute, 2022). Thus, when choosing a job, young adults rank “the chance to learn real skills” above extra pay and even above autonomy and creative freedom (Springtide Research Institute, 2022).

Click here to read the full article.

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