Need a dose of happiness? Introducing the Mood Booster playlist

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This summer, a couple of our Springtide Ambassadors from the 2022 SAP cohort helped create surveys to find out what songs our group would add to playlists to reduce anxiety, ease stress, or just feel good. The results led us to create three separate playlists. (You can find them all on Spotify!). I’m excited to announce the second in our series, MOOD BOOSTER: #MentalHealthandGenZ. 

Besides their upbeat tempo, uplifting melodies, and catchy lyrics, our respondents chose these specific songs for their inspiring messages and sense of nostalgia. Sophie, 15, said about her song: “The whole song is very inspiring since it’s talking about overcoming an accident, which resonates for me.” Daniel, 24, said, “‘Blueberries’ reminds me peacefully about the passage of time, especially autumn, my favorite season.” Many of these songs also motivated our ambassadors to complete tasks and go out and have fun. Another SAP member who participated anonymously, said, “They are usually fast-paced and easy to sing along to. I find that kind of song good for when you’re cleaning.” 

Because of this year’s mental-health theme, we decided to also ask how music played a part in their overall mental health. Several respondents indicated that they used music to help express themselves. For others, music helped them connect with other people and feel more authentic. Imani, 23, said, “When I listen to music with others, it’s a really fun space to connect with them (whether through goofiness or maybe even vulnerability).” For some, it was reassuring to know that other people (i.e., singer-songwriters) were out there feeling the same way they did.  

The responses from our ambassadors show us that music not only plays a role in assisting people with their day-to-day activities but also often plays a critical role in regulating mental health. We’d like to thank our SAP members for taking the time to answer these questions and for letting us into their lives.  

Post written by SAP member Jake.

Digital album artwork created by SAP member Keziah.

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