Create a culture where students belong with a free email series

Your students can thrive in your school. Building a sense of belonging is the path. 

We surveyed over 19,000 Catholic high school students across the US and discovered that with intentional changes, schools can create a culture to help students flourish. We’re sharing our findings in a free, easy-to-implement email series. 

The Belonging Playbook email series is your guide to learning about: 

  • the building blocks of belonging 
  • connecting with all students  
  • cocreating belonging with students 
  • cultivating belonging in religion-focused environments 
  • belonging in the classroom 
  • extracurriculars and belonging 
  • belonging and purpose 

With this research-backed playbook, you’ll be empowered to make your school a place where more young people can learn, grow, and thrive.

Start building a sense
of belonging today 

This playbook email series is perfect for teachers, administrators, principals, and even parents. 

Curious about this data set? Click here to learn more about the data and our methodology.