For Gen Z, mental health starts at home. 

For parents, that means having the tools to build it. 

Support for young people in their homes is a vital part of their overall wellbeing. And parents and caregivers are a critical part of that equation.

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Our research shows us that of the young people who aren’t flourishing at home, 46% aren’t flourishing in their mental health, either. A healthy home environment, with supportive caregivers and parents, is central to their mental and spiritual health. 

Now, we have a handbook to guide parents in that work. Built on our research, with advice from experts, the Parents’ Handbook is a free piece of our Springtide Series on Mental Health that will give parents, guardians, and caregivers of young people the guidance they need to build foundations for their families that will last a lifetime.

The development and free digital distribution of Nurturing Mental Health for Gen Z: A Handbook for Parents was made possible by a generous gift from The Rukavina Family Foundation.