How I will be hopeful in the New Year

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As we head into 2023, an excited, anticipating energy fills most people’s lives. For some, the New Year means a fresh start or new beginning. For me, I am hopeful – for new connections and relationships, and for caring more for others by caring more for myself.

I am hopeful for strengthening relationships with people that may already be in my life or forming new ones with those I don’t know yet. And I am hopeful for new connections to things/activities/hobbies etc. To help make way for these connections, this year I’m going to allow myself to let these connections form, truly creating space for the new. Also, I want to pay more attention to who and what makes me happy and spend more time with those people and things.

I believe that for relationships to be healthy connections, I have to prioritize self-care. Self-care in the world today is a much more popularized concept and is most often applauded. But it can often be hard to allow yourself to find time or truly give yourself this self-care. Here’s what my self-care looks like for 2023:

  • Paying attention to my emotional “cup”.

    You may have heard of the glass half-full or half-empty? Let’s imagine this glass represents us and our emotional capability. I plan to take note of where I am “pouring” my energy, and giving to cups that pouring back into mine. I also plan to pour into myself the way I pour into others.

  • Spending more time in nature. 

    I have found that spending time in nature is a great form of self-care for me. Going for walks with or without music, or without technology, is a great way to disconnect from the online world and connect with yourself.

  • Cutting out toxicity.

    In a more positive tone, I want to spend more time around people who uplift me. It can be hard to cut out toxic things in your life, but I plan to try to take note of things/people that don’t make me feel my best self, and allow myself to set boundaries.

  • Remembering rest is part of the work too.

    Time is a gift. Slowing down and filling it with meaningful rest leaves you feeling refreshed. I plan to find activities or hobbies in your life that leave me feeling renewed. A few ideas of actual rest include watching a movie, reading a book, journaling, yoga or meditation. I plan to see which ones fit me best!

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