Christian Camacho


Christian Camacho (he/him/his), SAP Leadership Fellow

Christian Camacho is the current Springtide Ambassadors Program (SAP) Leadership Fellow after serving as a member of the inaugural SAP cohort. Christian helps plan and facilitate monthly SAP meetings for Ambassadors ranging in ages from 13 to 25. Describing his involvement with Springtide, Christian says, “It’s a joy to see the cogs moving when we engage students and young adults in questions that have often never been presented to them. Being a part of the same generation as my peers helps define my own personal vocation, and growing in this community makes me feel like anywhere I go in the country, I have a friend waiting to get coffee with me! SAP is such a wonderful and supportive group of leaders and thinkers; I’m VERY lucky to be a part of the Springtide team.”

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Christian studied political science with a focus on leadership and global understanding. After graduating in 2021, Christian moved to the Midwest to become an Assistant Learning Specialist and Lasallian Animator for high schoolers. Shortly after moving there, Christian started to discern a call to join the De La Salle Christian Brothers. Christian now works in campus ministry in Memphis, Tennessee where he utilizes the community organization and social justice tactics he learned on the East-Coast and developed in the Midwest. Christian enjoys reading autobiographical books, cooking for his community (he lives with 7 Christian Brothers), and being an active witness to the inclusive community he strives to provide to those around him.

Springtide Ambassadors are asked to respond to these prompts as part of their website bios. Here are Christian’s responses from the time he was an Ambassador! 

Favorite entertainment: Reading books in the sunlight 

Favorite dessert: Cannolis 

Place where I feel at rest: Sitting on a hammock in Puerto Rico 

Unique talent: I can make the best Caribbean dishes. 

Dream profession: Principle of a K12+ college school that gives free education to children in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

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