Season 7: Mental Health & Gen Z

 In Season 7
Season 7 of The Voices of Young People Podcast drops next week and features 8 #MentalHealthandGenZ conversations with 16 young people in dialogue with one another and with Marte Aboagye, Springtide’s Head of Community Engagement. These episodes will release weekly this summer on Wednesdays starting on June 15th and are a staple resource in our Springtide Series on Mental Health.
Guests in this season range in age from 14 to 25 (ninth grade to young professionals); they represent different parts of the country, different ethnicities, different faith identities, and more. And they’re all spending time talking to Springtide — and to you — about their perceptions and experiences when it comes to Gen Z and mental health.
Tune in to hear their thoughts on prompts like . . .
  • Where do you get messages about mental health? Do you think your generation thinks about mental health differently than other generations?
  • If you were worried about your own or your friend’s mental health, who would you turn to? And what is it about that relationship that helps you know they’re trustworthy?
  • In what ways do you feel connected to something bigger than yourself? Does this sense of purpose play a role in your mental health?
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