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Springtide Research Institute was recently featured by WBZ News Radio in a radio segment featuring a member of our Research Advisory Board, Rabbi Elan Babchuck. You can find a transcript of a segment from their conversation below.

 I sit on the Research Advisory Board for Springtide Research Institute which is an organization that does research around Gen Z, mental health and spirituality and what we’re finding is that young people 13-25 are in the midst of a full-blown mental health crisis. Loneliness impacts them about 3 and a half times as much as other generations and it’s exacerbated of course by the use of technology, which is further isolating them. You know Gen Z they stream video 23 hours a week, almost an entire day just of streaming video. We could go on and on about the impact of technology on mental health.

…So, faith communities have to go out there and get trained on how to how to spot mental health issues, how to best come alongside and support young people if and when they are struggling how to best engage them, not necessarily to just to become more religious or to get the rituals down or learn all the practices but really just to show up and be human together. How can you elevate their dignity beyond where it is now?

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