Who is living their best life?: A Profile of a Flourishing Gen Zer

 In Mental Health

We all want to do well in life. We all want to be happy, have meaning and purpose, and be surrounded by great people and healthy relationships. We’d love to experience physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual health (preferably all at the same time!). 

Yet, so many factors of our life experience can keep us from that reality. Whether it’s where we’re born, who we’re born to, how we grew up, choices that we did or didn’t make, etc, most of us work toward health having to make the most of the hand we were dealt. 

So what does it look like when Gen Zer is succeeding or thriving or prospering, or as we call it, “flourishing”?  Our data below shows some of the beliefs, attitudes, experiences and behaviors a Gen Zer is taking on when they identify themselves as “flourishing a lot”. These people are not necessarily doing, feeling and thinking all of these things at once, or even experiencing some of these things all at once. What’s shown here more accurately represents certain aspects of what it can look like to flourish. Depending on one’s circumstances, culture, etc., some of these aspects may contribute to flourishing more than others – and some may be out of reach at any given time. While what it means to flourish is individually shaped, these are beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that show what it may mean collectively to Gen Z to flourish. 

Of the people who identified as “flourishing a lot”, here’s what at least 50% of them said were things they think, believe and do:  

Their overall experience

I have really come to terms with what is important in my life
I have a good sense of what I am trying to accomplish in the rest of my life
I have a system of values and beliefs that guide my daily activities
I have a sense of direction and purpose in life
I am able to make sense of the unpleasant things that happened in the past
Home is a safe haven
I’m doing well at home
I have great family relationships
I feel good physically
I am very satisfied with my living situation
I have great friendships
Asking questions and seeking information about things that matter to me helped me to discover my purpose 50%

Their religious and spiritual experience

I am at least somewhat spiritual
I am at least somewhat religious
I feel connected to the natural environment (moderately or highly)
My spiritual and religious practices positively impact my mental health
There are parts of many/religions and spiritualities that I agree with
Spirituality and religion are connected, not separate or opposite
I feel connected to all of humanity (moderately or highly)
I feel connected to a higher power (moderately or highly)
To flourish, I need my spiritual and religious needs met, even outside of traditional and religious spaces
I’m not a member of religious or spiritual community that gathers online or in person
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