Julianna (she/her), Springtide Ambassador (14 – Minnesota)

Favorite entertainment: I love the Broadway musical In the Heights with its lovely showcase of Latino representation. For movies and TV shows, I like 10 Things I Hate About You, Freedom Writers, Black Widow, the Harry Potter franchise, and the series WandaVision. I also like historical books from World War II with my favorite being The Diary of Young Girl by Anne Frank.

Favorite dessert: Cotton candy blizzard from Dairy Queen

Place where I feel centered: My room as it’s a representation of me: my walls are decorated with all sorts of posters, pictures, and decorations, with each item offering an inside look at who I am. It’s a place where I can be fully myself.

Unique talent or trait: Singing, acting, and writing. I can also do impressions, with my best one being a baby crying.

Dream profession: Since I’m still young, I have a few different ideas; I’m interested in being a singer and actress, a writer and public speaker, or pursuing a path into politics.

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