In the News: Gen Z Is Looking for Meaning This Holiday Season, but Maybe Not Where We Expect

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Springtide Research Institute was recently featured by Religion News Service. This article, Gen Z is looking for meaning this holiday season, but maybe not where we expect, is reprinted in part below, but we encourage you to visit their site to read the piece in its entirety.

It’s that time of year, for many of us, for shiny packages tied up with a bow. But don’t expect the majority of Gen Z, which likes its faith “unbundled,” to accept the traditional holiday packages of rituals, practices, and beliefs that churches offer.

One of the most important findings from our new report, “The State of Religion & Young People 2021,” is that young people ages 13 to 25 embrace a faith that combines elements from a variety of religious and non-religious sources, rather than receiving all these things from a single, intact system or tradition.

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