In the News: 42% of Young People Say No One Outside Their Home Has Reached Out to Them During Pandemic

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Springtide Research Institute was recently featured by Baptist News Global. This article, 42% of young people say no one outside their home has reached out to them during pandemic is reprinted in part below, but we encourage you to visit their site to read the piece in its entirety.

The faith of young people in the United States has remained stable despite the challenges of a pandemic that often prevented in-person fellowship and undermined trust in religious institutions, a new study says.

“A plurality of young people say their faith remained steady during the pandemic (47%). While 27% say they are doubting their faith more or lost their faith completely, nearly the same percentage (26%) say their faith has gotten stronger during the pandemic,” Springtide Research Institute said in its report titled “The New Normal: 8 Ways to Care for Gen Z in a Post Pandemic World.”

The survey, which was conducted in February, asked 2,500 respondents ages 13 to 25 to share how they navigated the coronavirus outbreak and how the experience affected their attitudes toward technology, government and church.

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