Music Grounds: Introducing the FOCUS + CLARITY playlist

 In Mental Health

Does this fall season already have you frazzled? A little music may be just what you need to get you motivated. Our SAP member Grace introduces the third in a series of playlists designed to support your mental health.  

In times of stress and anxiety, it is common for one’s brain to be buzzing with new ideas, older memories, and residual worries from days past. When we need our minds to be calm is most often the time when they can’t seem to shut down and allow for productivity.  

Our 2022 cohort of Springtide Ambassadors has found that music can be a powerful resource to quiet the mind during these difficult moments. The playlist “FOCUS + CLARITY: #MentalHealthandGenZ” was curated by our Ambassadors to share songs that have helped them stay focused in times of stress.

From soundtracks to nostalgic television shows such as Victorious or Drake and Josh, to instrumentals by artists such as Bill Evans or Hevi, this playlist has a wide diversity of music styles that will cater to many different tastes. Ambassadors elaborated on their choices by also explaining the place each song has in their own routines. Imani, age 23, explains her choice by saying, “The lyrics and the vibe of the song is beautiful and helps me stay focused, particularly when I’m reading.” Mercer, age 17, wrote that her song choice, “…offers a positive outlook when tackling tasks that require focus.”  

Our survey also asked these young people what role music plays in each of their lives. Ambassador Daniel, age 24, wrote that, “Music is a marvelous tool to help me focus and to express who I am. When studying or working I appreciate having opportunities to put in headphones and power through whatever task is at hand.” Fardowsa, age 20, explains the huge impact that music has on her life, describing it as, “…a constant through all the good and not so great times in my life. I look to music to feel my feelings more deeply and also to lift me up.”  

Our 2022 Springtide Ambassadors have all attested to the important and profound impact music has had on their lives. Whether it be a tool to bring them out of somber mood, allow them to cry it all out, or help them to find clarity in the stress of their day-to-day lives, music plays a huge role in the lives of young people in our world.  

Post written by SAP member Grace.

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