b'170springtideresearch.orgThank you to everyone who submitted their story and shared the LessLonely #2022TimeCapsule activation within their community. Together, we will continue to build belonging and connection and will work toward a #LessLonely world for all.If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call emergency services (911 in the US/Canada, 999 in the UK) . If you or a friend is struggling with mental health, know that youre not alone . We have a list of free resources to support you at the #LessLonely Resource Guide .Looking to dig deeper into Springtide Research Institutes research? Get FREE SHIPPING when you use the promo code LESSLONELY on the following resources: Mental Health & Gen Z: What Educators Need to Know and Belonging: Reconnecting Americas Loneliest Generation.Ready to go deeper in the Belongingness Process?Springtide is developing an assessment tool to measure the level of belongingness felt by staff, parents, and young people in schools and other communitites . Find out more at: springtideresearch .org/belonging-tool-assessment'